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In the process of developing projects, I often have a desire to take out the same repeating functionality to independent packages, for reusing it in the future. When these desires coincide with the availability of free time, I create and post packages on GitHub. Some of these packages I will post on this page.


Easy add custom files filed to ActiveRecord models of Yii2 framework

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Working with files has always been a big problem for me. This module is the third attempt to solve this problem. This module has almost all the necessary features: it adds any number of file fields to models, with individual validators (with the ability to use scripts), and also allows you to work with files using a widget that supports the preview of MS office documents, crop and image rotation, drag and drop upload, sorting files and download files as ZIP-archive.


Generation of an image for OpenGraph with a logo and title of a page or article.

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News sites often have previews of news for OpenGraph in the form of text, a logo, a photo, or a collage of all of this. This module allows you to generate this kind of image for each article according to the specified parameters with font support.

General abstraction over MindBox API

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For one of the projects, it was necessary to work with mindbox. For work, a general abstraction was written, using which you can perform any queries.

The Summernote WYSIWYG-editor Yii-widget, with all assets included.

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The Summernote WYSIWYG-editor Yii-widget, with all assets included and some bugs fixed. Ready to use in form.


Validator and formatter for phone numbers.

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Unfortunately, the standard formatter component of the Yii2 framework cannot format phone numbers, and the core validators environment does not have a validator for phone numbers too (but there is one for email, for example). In my projects, I have to work with phone numbers no less than with emails. To solve this, a small component was written that allows us to do this quite quickly and conveniently:: validate phone numbers on the client and server-side, as well as format their output.


Add all SEO meta and OpenGraph tags to your app with a few line of code

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When we are developing a public site on yii2, not some internal information system, we need to organize the generation of various SEO and OpenGraph tags. Some of these tags are indexed by search engines (page title, meta-description, canonical). The other part, OpenGraph, and Twitter tags are needed to correctly display the preview (thumbnail) of the page while sharing it on social networks. In this case, it is often necessary to set, for example, a picture-cover on a specific page, set a picture of an article, but when sharing other pages - show the default picture. All these tasks are solved by this small extension for the Yii2 framework. It is possible to call a class in a couple of lines, passing the View object into it and set up all the necessary tags.


Creating notifications in browser with queue and JS and PHP-api

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n many projects, it is necessary to show notifications to the user. I put in a separate package a small component for creating notifications of three types in a browser: information (info), positive (success) and negative (error). It is easy to use by calling a JS function or a PHP class. To visualize notifications, SVG icons are built-in into the DOM. You can customize the view of notifications by overriding basic CSS styles. This solution has no dependencies and has a small size.


Yii2 module to create, restore, download project backups with web-interface, console commands and REST-api.

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This module allows working with backups of MySQL databases and file folders. It has a web-interface, console controller and REST-API to create, delete, restore and download backups.