Evgenii Goryaev
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Music, DJing and YOUTUBE channel

Music is a huge part of my life. From childhood, it accompanies me everywhere. Moreover, genres and directions have no significance to me. In this regard, I am eclectic.

In 2005, when I got into electronic music after a punk rock period, I created the project 128kbps.ru, which is still operational (though in a significantly reduced form). It's a free archive of electronic music, where you can find many things that are not available elsewhere.

Telegram Channel

Since I constantly encounter new things in the realm of music, I decided to create a separate F12 channel on Telegram for the most interesting stuff. Follow it, and you'll always have something interesting to listen to.

My YouTube Music Channel

Starting from 2023, realizing that I've established myself quite well in Spain and it's time to get turntables again, I started my own YouTube channel as a supplement to the 128kbps.ru website. There, I upload various vinyl mixes and compilations from home and other places.

Session 003: Late Night Tech

Mix recorded on August 21, 2023, at home among friends.

Session 002: Kompakt meets Poker Flat

Compilation of records from two renowned labels: Poker Flat and Kompakt.

Session 001: Soft Minimal Techno