Evgenii Goryaev
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The main areas of my activity are web development and related topics: architecture analysis, audit of existing projects for code quality, security, technology stack and best practices.

Web sites and systems development

Web development is my main activity. I am developing web projects with Yii2 and Symfony. I have extensive experience in developing complex web projects, including online stores, social networks, large internal automated systems. Im not afraid of a large number of data models and complex business processes. I usually develop using automated tests, assembling final applications in docker images that are configured through environment variables.

In the frontend, I try to make it as concise as possible, with the maximum use of semantic tags, using the latest HTML and CSS specifications. I pay great attention to accessibility, I try to apply the best practices and the latest web standards for the correct operation of the site with screen readers or work without a mouse.

I prefer to maximize the use of animation methods built into modern CSS, minimizing the use of JS. In terms of javascript, I prefer to maximize the use of modern native APIs to work with the browser and minimize the import of third-party JS libraries. All this allows you to achieve fantastic results in google lighthouse, as well as the work of sites on mobile devices of the budget segment and in conditions of poor Internet connection.

See examples of work in the projects section.

Web consulting

From my experience with different projects at different stages, I have reached an unpleasant conclusion. Often the client does not know exactly what he wants to get from the website. And if they knows it, they does know how to reach this result: what kind of technology should be implemented, what stages of work have to be planned to address the design of a project. It is also frequent that the idea of ​​a project is often not evaluated to determine if it is viable. As a result, the client has a lot of money and time spent and the result is not satisfactory.

In order to minimize losses in case the project doesn’t fly, to reduce the cost of developing a prototype and the project as a whole, choose a technology stack suitable for this task, develop a competent architecture that allows a compromise between future flexibility and the need to start the project faster - for all this, it is necessary to study in detail the tasks of the project, the domain area and other small details.

If this is neglected, then, in the end, you can get an infinitely time-stretched unfinished project with a budget similar to the Mariana Trench. Some of the projects in which I took part were doomed to failure from the very beginning, because the initial planning and preparation for the project were not done properly.

Existing web projects audit

Very often, a business is faced with the task of optimizing, updating a product on the web or the need to audit a web project to analyze the funds spent on it, development prospects in its current form, or the need for any updates, improvements or revisions. Also, it is often necessary to conduct an analysis on the adequacy of the funds requested by the contractor for solving a particular problem - for all this I can audit the finished web project or site. Years of experience in web development and knowledge of current trends, standards and best practices will allow you to create a fairly objective picture of the current state of affairs.