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floor12/yii2-module-backup Yii2 module to create, restore, download project backups with web-interface, console commands and REST-api.

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This module helps to create and restore backups of databases and files stored on disk. It has web-interface, console commands, and REST-API for remote control. It also supports io-priority settings and has flexible configuration options. To work independent of the application database, this module uses its SQLite database in the backup folder.


Now, this module supports English and Russian languages.

Yii backup module


To add this module to your app, just run:

 $ composer require floor12/yii2-module-backup

or add this to the require section of your composer.json.

 "floor12/yii2-module-backup": "dev-master"

After that, include minimal module configuration in modules section of application config:

 'modules' => [
             'backup' => [
                 'class' => 'floor12\backup\Module',
                 'administratorRoleName' => '@',
                 'configs' => [
                         'id' => 'main_db',
                         'type' => BackupType::DB,
                         'title' => 'Main database',
                         'connection' => 'db',
                         'limit' => 10
                         'id' => 'main_storage',
                         'type' => BackupType::FILES,
                         'title' => 'TMP folder',
                         'path' => '@app/tmp',
                         'limit' => 2

These parameters is possible to set up:

  • administratorRoleName - role to access web controller
  • backupFolder - path alias to the place where backups are stored (default is @app/backups)
  • chmod - if this param has value, the new backup file will change mode after creation
  • authTokens - array of auth tokens to use REST-API of the module
  • ionice - the value of this param will be placed before ZIP console command in case of disk backup (for example it's possible to put iotince -c3 inside this param to run backup creation with IDLE disk i/o priority)
  • adminLayout - it will change default main layout to something you need (if your admin panel has different base layout)

And the main and required param is configs - its an array of your backup items (folders and databases). Each backup items mast have this elements to set:

  • id - backup identifier, contains only letters and numbers without space
  • type - type backup: disk or database
  • title - human-readable backup item title to show in the admin interface
  • limit - how many backup copies keep before delete (0 - never delete old copies)
  • connection - in case of database backup, connection name in Yii2 config
  • path - in case of disk backup, the path to store backup files


WEB interface

This module has a web controller to work with backups. Go to backup/admin or backup/admin/index to create, delete, restore and download backups.

Console interface

To list all existing backups run

$ ./yii backup/console/index>

To create config run

$ ./yii backup/console/create <backup_config_id>

backup_config_id is backup item identifier from module configuration.

To restore config run

$ ./yii backup/console/restore <backup_id>

backup_id is identifier of backup stored in sqlite database


By default, the rest controller takes place on the route /backup/api. To get access to it, add header Backup-Auth-Token to request with one of the tokens stored in application config in the module section (param authTokens);

Get list of backups

GET /backup/api/index

This is useful to remote backup checks from some dashboard with a few projects.

Response example:

    "id": 8,
    "date": "2019-11-11 07:02:23",
    "status": 1,
    "type": 1,
    "config_id": "main_storage",
    "config_name": "TMP folder",
    "filename": "main_storage_2019-11-11_07-02-23.zip",
    "size": 4183
    "id": 7,
    "date": "2019-11-11 06:56:36",
    "status": 1,
    "type": 0,
    "config_id": "main_db",
    "config_name": "Main database",
    "filename": "main_db_2019-11-11_06-56-36.gz",
    "size": 753


Create new backup

POST /backup/api/backup?config_id=<backup_config_id>

Succes respons example:


Restore from backup

POST /backup/api/restore?id=<backup_id>

Succes respons example:


Delete backup

DELETE /backup/api/delete?id=<backup_id>

Succes respons example:


Get backup file

GET /backup/api/get?id=<backup_id>

This request will return backup archive with the requested ID.