Evgenii Goryaev
Development, support and optimization
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Development of good and fast websites

I started developing websites in the early 2000s. In those days, standards were just beginning to take shape, and browsers worked as they wanted. Since then, web technologies  constantly developed, new standards were formed, browsers appeared and died, the Internet accelerated and came to mobile phones, which became the main place for consuming content.

I also developed by developing interesting projects in different teams.  Collaborated with  optimizers, targetologists, designers and developers of various levels. This long-term work has resulted in experience and a team that  makes very good sites. They perform their main tasks - they sell, advertise and do everything they were meant to do.

Our sites are fast,  are well ranked by search engines and do not upset visitors. We use modern approaches to design and  development. Sites are automatically tested  in CI and delivered to the server as docker images ready for scaling and any load.  In addition, we monitor their work using datadog, we collect errors in sentry and also protect  and accelerate with cloudflare.

Articles about web development, DevOps and SEO.

How do I develop a GPS tracker Poster for the article How do I develop a GPS tracker

During 2022, I have been actively developing my GPS tracker for electric scooters and bikes. In this article, I talk about what prompted me to do this, what results I managed to achieve, as well as some technical information.

DDos protection with Cloudflare Poster for the article DDos protection with Cloudflare

Cloudflare is considered to be the leader in its segment, and besides that it offers many free features. And these free features may be enough to fight off an attack on your site or server!

CheckCheck - my new project for automatic site validation Poster for the article CheckCheck - my new project for automatic site validation

A short story about my current project. This is a service for scanning sites for layout errors, broken links, incorrect meta tags and other problems that can interfere with the user's work with the site and indexing by search engines.