Evgenii Goryaev
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Reliable sites
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Ecom, corporate portals and CRM systems from a developer with 20 years of experience.

Modern technologies with tests and CI

Semantics, flexible SEO settings and maximum accessibility

Any payment systems, external data sources and analytics systems

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Sports Business Consulting Furniture Center Moscow TP-GLOVES: online store of protective gloves Landing of a construction company BEST SERVICE Personal page of Ivan Ershov Academy of Text IT company The site of the football player Zakharyaev Archive of electronic music 128kbps.ru Pelican Bike Rentals The Vyborg Palace cinema website Lockator Rent of bicycles and scooters, tours for tourists. Volvo DIY-repair manuals and articles File hosting filefast Lockator WEB Application Website for the repair of electric scooters and bicycles

Modern, fast and reliable web for everyone

My name is Evgeny Goryaev. For over 20 years, I have been creating online stores, corporate websites, CRM systems, and web applications.

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I employ modern web standards, proven technologies, and effective approaches to website development. They always perform swiftly on any device, are well-indexed, and easy to manage independently.

For each client, a unique approach and list of technologies are selected to maximize the impact of the efforts invested, ensure reliable operation, ease of management, and further support. A large list of completed projects and the availability of my own unique ready-made modules allow for reduced development time and enhanced product quality.

Over these years, I have collaborated with clients from a variety of industries, with SEO specialists, targetologists, designers, and developers. This experience has given me my own understanding of what a website should be in the 21st century: fast, convenient, mobile, and fulfilling its purposes.

The websites I create work quickly, are well indexed by search engines, and do not disappoint visitors with poor interfaces. I use modern approaches to layout and development as a whole: employing automatic tests in CI and only running them in Docker.

Moreover, all the sites I have made are monitored using Datadog, collect errors in Sentry, and are also protected and accelerated by Cloudflare.

If you need an online store, a corporate website, a complex CRM system, or some other automation or web solution - write to me, I will definitely consult you.

Some examples of my work

Website for the repair of electric scooters and bicycles €3,300.00
Rent of bicycles and scooters, tours for tourists. €5,000.00
The  Lockator langing page €800.00
YOU Women's Clothing Store - Version 2023 €12,000.00
Pelican Bike Rentals €5,000.00
Personal page of Ivan Ershov €1,000.00
Network of cinemas €3,500.00
Technical seminars and exhibitions €3,800.00

My articles about WEB, DevOps and SEO.

How do I develop a GPS tracker Poster for the article How do I develop a GPS tracker

During 2022, I have been actively developing my GPS tracker for electric scooters and bikes. In this article, I talk about what prompted me to do this, what results I managed to achieve, as well as some technical information.

DDos protection with Cloudflare Poster for the article DDos protection with Cloudflare

Cloudflare is considered to be the leader in its segment, and besides that it offers many free features. And these free features may be enough to fight off an attack on your site or server!

CheckCheck - my new project for automatic site validation Poster for the article CheckCheck - my new project for automatic site validation

A short story about my current project. This is a service for scanning sites for layout errors, broken links, incorrect meta tags and other problems that can interfere with the user's work with the site and indexing by search engines.